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Luna beauty shop

Luna Beauty Shop stands for competence in the decoration and refinement of the eyes and face. As experts in the new beauty trends, we have made it our mission to give every person expressive elegance and beauty. Glow with Luna beauty shop

Important information about Luna Lenses

We offer a large selection of beautiful colored contact lenses. Of course, we offer the best natural colors that make your eye color appear in a brand new color We offer a huge collection of trendy colored lenses that are suitable for every day look The special thing What distinguishes our contact lenses is that they are produced very carefully and therefore do not cause any eye sensitivity or damage. “Luna Lenses” are custom made at world known factories and have received several European health certificates

About us

You can shop with confidence when buying your contact lenses from  
We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality of products are are here to help and assist you with any of your queries. 

Beauty Model_edited.jpg
Weibliches Modell
Why choose us?

Why should you buy from Lunaxury?

Here are some of the reasons for choosing our products:

  • Fast delivery -  90% of orders will be shipped on the day of order and delivered sooner than the given lead time. 

  • Great value on top brands

  • Enormous selection of natural colors

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